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The foundation Ukraine Today in the Netherlands is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization established on 24.03.2014 with a mission to support democracy, free market and human rights in Ukraine. Our foundation creates and sustains exchange of information between the Netherlands and Ukraine in order to build a bond between the two countries.

Ukraine Today supports Ukraine with humanitarian help, assists in the development of Ukrainian community and culture in the Netherlands by providing informational resources, holding seminars, reading sessions, exhibitions, film- and theater performances, concerts, courses, workshops, offering travel assistance, etc.

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Ukraine Today is funded by the public not by other charities, trade associations or any other big corporations. Your membership contribution, of 28 € annually, funds our independent work and supports the various good deeds and projects of this charity family.

The membership fees will be used to enable the needed legal and technical support of Ukraine Today charity foundation and most importantly it will facilitate the different projects that help the cause, which is to gain awareness within the Dutch society and strengthen the relationship between the two countries and help those in need whilst collaborating. Please learn more on the projects of foundation Ukraine Today here.

When you become a member you support our efforts so that we can improve and grow together!

The membership can be terminated at anytime. Apart from the payment of the annual membership fee (28 €) the members do not have any obligations.

Members are informed regularly about news, certain activities and special events by the e-newsletter. If you do not wish to receive our newsletter, please inform us by e-mail: info@ukrainetoday.nl. Once every while there are interesting events that members can join such as:

  • Lectures & Talks
  • Active Projects
  • Classical Concerts
  • Charity Events
  • Educative Guest Lectures (on the history of Ukraine)

This information can be found on the website, our Facebook page or in the e-newsletter. Thank you for caring enough to give wisely!

Members of the board of directors:

Suzanne J. Dostaleva - Founder and President

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Remy R. K. Kwakernaat - Secretary

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Oleg Ushakov - Veterinarian

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Tetyana Voloshina - Project Leader UA

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