Legal help in The Netherlands

Legal advise:

Mr Ouderdorp is our lawyer in the Netherlands

He also may help you, if you have problems on the following subjects:

  • Labour law:making contracts between employer and employee, dismissal, salary, illnes during the contract, other problems between employer and employee;
  • Dismissal: be in time to protest; react very soon!
  • Education law: problems between teacher and organisation (this is labour law, but very special rules in educational law are counting); problems between student and education-organisation (protest against decisions of the education-organisation like exam results, advices); Normally protest within 6 weeks ! Don’t wait to long !
  • Unemployment insurence (W.W.), inability to work (WIA); Protest against a decision in 2 two or 6 weeks ! These are serious deadlines !
  • Familylaw: divorce, alimony
  • Problems with selling or buying a house
  • Look at his website: