Project: ATO Front Line

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Please mark “Project: ATO Front Line” as the purpose of your transfer if you would like it to be used for this project.
We are collecting donations in order to buy clothes, everyday supply and equipment for Ukrainian army and National Guard soldiers.

Years of neglect left Ukrainian army without any means for its soldiers to protect and organize their lives in an armed conflict.

Proper shoes, pants, thermal underwear, sleeping bags, cooking utensils, folding beds are needed sorely.

Every Euro you donate will help to bring Ukrainian soldier back home sooner and in good health.



Project: Kids

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Please mark "Kids" as the purpose of your transfer if you would like it to be used for project "Kids".

At the moment we collect in all regions of The Netherlands humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian people in need, but especially – for the refugees. We accept sorted seasonal clothing only. Please, remember that every piece of your donation has its transport price. The aid is sent to Kyiv, Mirotvorets headquarters, from where it is delivered to the neediest people in the socially weakest regions.
Distribution of aid:
1. Men’s clothing, dark, goes to the front-lines
2. Men’s clothing, light-colored, goes to the wounded soldiers re-validating in hospitals
3. Women’s and children’s clothing is delivered to refugees
4. Children’s clothing, food and pampers are given to orphans.

We collect financial and in-kind donations for the full renovation of the future orphanage in the village of Sorokotyaga in Cherkassy region of central Ukraine. We are recording all the stages of construction works and post them on our website. Charitable foundation "Ukraine Today" in the Netherlands was among the initiators of this project in close cooperation with Ukrainian NGO "Myrotvorets" (Peacemaker).

We asked your help and received enormous positive and helpful reaction: you collected huge volume of the clothes, shoes and money for the refugees in Ukraine.



Medic Equipment

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Please mark “Medic” as the purpose of your transfer if you would like your donations to be directed toward this project.

Unfortunately, as Ukraine goes through an economic crisis and a war, its state financing of medical institutions has been cut severely.

Mobile medical groups created to help the victims in the worst-hit places along the front line are fully funded by the volunteers.

Mobile hospitals and ambulances are in acute need of medical equipment which is not manufactured in Ukraine.

There is tremendous demand for life-support systems, burn-treatment equipment, x-ray and ECG equipment, surgical instruments, antiseptics and disposable materials.

This equipment will help save lives, improve the quality of first aid and medical services and the ability to respond accordingly to the life-threatening situations.




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…We wake up every morning and we start worrying straight away: ‘’And what happened today/overnight?’’. Who was poisoned/ shot/ tortured? Who was hit by a car and left alone for dying slowly, bleeding, hopeless? There is no single day without victims. There is no single day without volunteers- rescuers and we, nevertheless, still love this difficult, not paid, dirty, and sometimes morally unbearable job.

We are not only rescuing lives. Every day we fight with cruelty and ignorance of adults and children in relation to animals. We fight with arbitrariness of the communal services, who are able just to indifferently wall up the basement, where animals try to find a shelter. People are able just to ignore the crying eyes of animals and sobbing voice of little kittens. We fight with cruel catching and destruction of dogs, and also with betrayal of pets’ owners – when no longer loved pet or offspring are thrown away to garbage bins or just left of the streets.

We do not allow ourselves to stay aside and to turn away from a bleeding body of animals, sticking bones after car accidents, uncovered bellies of dogs victims of sadists, burned-off with the cigarettes the eyes of little kittens, cut away paws and heads, taken away skins from alive animals, convulsions of poisoned dogs…

We are savers! We feed, educate (people and animals), finding new homes, taking care and providing treatment and bury… We are making this world better!

Even the most aggressive flock of dogs understands kindness and respect you for a plate with food. They do not have nationality, no political sympathies, they did not want this war, they did not participate in it, but they suffer not less than others.

They have soles and feelings, they were thrown away, left alone without hope for survival – on ruins of houses, which they used to protect. They have no roof above their heads, no food, nobody to help. There are hundreds, thousands of them. You can see their eyes, but you can’t imagine how much they suffer…