…We wake up every morning and we start worrying straight away: ‘’And what happened today/overnight?’’. Who was poisoned/ shot/ tortured? Who was hit by a car and left alone for dying slowly, bleeding, hopeless? There is no single day without victims. There is no single day without volunteers- rescuers and we, nevertheless, still love this difficult, not paid, dirty, and sometimes morally unbearable job.

We are not only rescuing lives. Every day we fight with cruelty and ignorance of adults and children in relation to animals. We fight with arbitrariness of the communal services, who are able just to indifferently wall up the basement, where animals try to find a shelter. People are able just to ignore the crying eyes of animals and sobbing voice of little kittens. We fight with cruel catching and destruction of dogs, and also with betrayal of pets’ owners – when no longer loved pet or offspring are thrown away to garbage bins or just left of the streets.

We do not allow ourselves to stay aside and to turn away from a bleeding body of animals, sticking bones after car accidents, uncovered bellies of dogs victims of sadists, burned-off with the cigarettes the eyes of little kittens, cut away paws and heads, taken away skins from alive animals, convulsions of poisoned dogs…

We are savers! We feed, educate (people and animals), finding new homes, taking care and providing treatment and bury… We are making this world better!

Even the most aggressive flock of dogs understands kindness and respect you for a plate with food. They do not have nationality, no political sympathies, they did not want this war, they did not participate in it, but they suffer not less than others.

They have soles and feelings, they were thrown away, left alone without hope for survival – on ruins of houses, which they used to protect. They have no roof above their heads, no food, nobody to help. There are hundreds, thousands of them. You can see their eyes, but you can’t imagine how much they suffer…




SAVED twice! I found a caring dad for a sweet homeless dog Sunny)) Max and Sunny feel in love at the first site))
I will have a dog until Saturday in my apartment and From Sunday they will be together!
Yesterday, when Max was leaving, she broke off the leash and ran straight through the highway after him, and I, with Mona and Chara on leashes and with creepy cries ran after her)))) We were all lucky that all the drivers pushed brake on time ... oh ... ))))
Sunny latterly grabbed Max and it was very hard to take her away from hem.
This is a second time, that I found owner for Sunny. Old lady (first owner) at this moment at the hospital with a heart infarct. I hope everything will be fine ...


Our New Year presents from Germany & The Netherlands are received. Kiev Zoo, project Zoo Cats.
Many thanks to Father Vasiliy, Raisa Shmatko, Nadja Drobotova, Bob Wouda and all people who made this possible. Happy New Year! Dear friends.


There was a horse.

Who knows what destiny is, when there is no choice, but there is a ''master'?

What is harmony? Your own harmony, which can't be fit into commonly accepted standards and principles?

Who was able to grasp and to measure one's call of duty, with no way to get rid of it and at the same time by rejecting all kind of lies – subconsciously, at genetic level?

A young horse had neither choice nor destiny, but there was a great thirst for freedom, pride, titanic spirit and strong body, trustful and pure love and faith…

Now, I would like to offer for your attention the history of a young horse, named Mojito:
This graceful creature was doomed by a man to a terrifying story, which almost led to a death.

In Mojyto’s veins flows the blood of a noble breed of Hannovers, a very proud horse breed, created by Prince of Hannover, and later by King of England George II.

Not so long time ago, the horse carried with a pleasure a cart with logs, also was helping with other routine tasks, she was satisfied and she was loved, but her master died.

After mater’s death, his relatives could not think of any other better idea, than to make a sausage out of Mojito, by selling her to a butcher.

I would not call a butcher a friend, but in this case we all are grateful to entrepreneurial butchers, who can ‘solve the problems’ for the sake of own benefit and to re-sell a young purebred horse, saving her life by profiting themselves…Let it be so…

So, Mojito was sold by a butcher for lease.

I will not be able to understand the feelings of a noble animal, whose great happiness till that moment was to enjoy the nature, to be affected and sense the smell of a fresh grass…
This noble horse, when she lost her master at the age of 6 years, had to entertain tourists in the middle of intensive and heaty tourist season in Kharkiv. She also had to suffer overnight in a 3 x3 size cage.
Possibly, Mojito was dreaming about fields and meadows, wind and freedom…

It is not surprising that people buying out Mojito, were not trying to find a special approach to her, and in the end exchanged her for a not-so-noble pony.
This way, the young horse appeared in Odessa, where she again was ‘not suitable for entertaining tourists’’.
New owners understood quickly that they were ‘’deceived’’ and that they were ‘’cheated’’ by getting not trained horse, who was suffering claustrofobia, stress and depression, and was not ready to earn money immediately, and also retained some character.

She was not trained and she was not loved. They tried to return her back to Kharkiv.

"Defective"... proud and unwanted, she was disappointed and abandoned, and she decided to kick, in an attempt to scare evil people. She trusted no more to anyone.

A man quickly stamped her with a diagnosis: aggressive. And again sold her for sausages. Her price was estimated at 9 000 UAU, and her destiny was decided.

Absolutely incidentally, almost immediately before transforming Mojito to a sausage, a professional horse keeper entered the territory, where Mojito was kept. He immediately evaluated a poor perspective for the animal, and contacted volunteers.

Repurchase of the horse, transportation and renting of a territory for her new place amounted to a costs of 13 500 UAH.

Thus, at the moment the horse was transported to a new place in Odessa and takes a rehabilitation course (focusing primarily on restortion of proper functioning of legs), under supervision of a veterinary.

Also, Mojito needs a back strengthening exercise and psychological adaptation, as her nervous system and physical condition deteriorated significantly as a result of actions of people.

On a video you can see the horse during training. Her parameters, after first days of rehabilitation, show firm and stable progress.

Key portion of necessary funds were already collected by volunteers of Odessa, however this beautiful horse still need more care and special nutrition.

Unfortunately, Mojito is not the only horse requiring our help.
On this planet, each animal has a right for respect, love and food.

We are asking all not indifferent people to help, as we see lots of similar cases.

We will keep you informed about the Mojito’s story and about other cases of saved animal.

Our web-site in the Netherlands:

Account details: IBAN: NL 79 INGB 0006 5796 60


Registered: Amsterdam, KVK 60289325

ANBI status - gives your right to declare all your donations to our fundation.

2017-12-04: Died ...

I did my best, but this sweet puppy died... just now.
No money & care could save hem. Farewell sweet baby...

2017-11-28: Died...

Died ....
I don’t know how to save more... they are everywhere ... on the street... in the winter ...

2017-11-15: SAVED!

Saved! Found new home and fantastic mother))

2017-11-01: 13

There was Thirteen. Saved from little city near Odessa... but... we loosing them((
We are doing our best. Veterinarians in Odessa also... but today we have just five puppies left alive((
Sad ... hoping for some change of situation tomorrow.

2016-03-15: March 2015

2016-03-14: First delivery to ATO zone (14 March 2016)