Ukrainian and Foreign Media about Ukraine Today


May 2013. A short story written by Suzanne Dostaleva:

December 2013. Amsterdam supported Euromaidan. More than two hundred people with Ukrainian flags gathered at the central square of Amsterdam. TSN News of Ukraine (issue from 7 December 2013):

Newspaper Revolution:   

Euromaidan Rembrandtplein Amsterdam:

January 2014. AutoMaidan in The Netherlands - cars with Ukrainian symbols drove throughout The Netherlands and stopped to hold demonstrations in the biggest cities: Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague. "There are few of us, but we gathered together because we care about Ukraine":

February 2014. Demonstration against corruption in Ukraine. Dam Square Amsterdam:

TSN about the demontsration in The Netherlands:

25 February 2014. Piet de Blaauw on Corruption Deal NL:

March 2014. The summit on nuclear security opened on March 24 in The Hague. Because of it the Malieveld Park hosted an international meeting against Russian aggression in Ukraine. Ukrainians, Belarussians, Russians, Dutch and other national representatives demanded to return nuclear weapons to Ukraine or to protect the integrity of its borders. From Novaya Gazeta:

3 March 2014. Hunger strike of a Ukrainian patriot Suzanne Dostaleva in Amsterdam (director of the foundation Ukraine Today):  

8 March 2014. Protest against Russian invasion in Ukraine. Dam Square Amsterdam:

2 May 2014. Hero of Odessa:

June 2014. Ukrainians in many nations have organized a global flash mob to draw attention to Russia's war against Ukraine which has included the military invasion and annexation of the Crimean peninsula and now the Kremlin-fueled separatist war in eastern regions. Kyiv Post about it:

10 September 2014. 17 Channel reports on House of Kindness, one of the projects of Ukraine Today:

October 2014. Interview of Suzanne Dostaleva for TV company "Kiev":

October 2014. Radio "Svoboda":

10 December 2014. TV report of Euronews on House of Kindness:  

5 January 2015. Exclusive interview of Suzanne Dostaleva for

6 January 2015. The Interpreter reports on Suzanne Dostaleva and her view on Ukrainian Crisis:  

March 2015. Interview with our partners in Ukraine Anna Golubchyk and Liudmyla Piloian for the TV-channel Kyiv:

25 March 2015. A report on The House of Kindness:

June 2015. An article about a new opening of House of Kindness in Cherkassy region (Ukraine):

August 2015. A video about a new volunteer’s logistics center opening in Mariupol:

August 2015. An interview for Odessa TV channel: 

September 2015. An interview with Suzanne Dostaleva:

September 2015. Articles about a theft of humanitarian goods from NL by MP Kozyr in Nikolaev city (Ukraine): 'Ukraine today vs Planeta dobra':

October 2015. An article about a conflict with "Planeta dobra":

October 2015. An article about how our help finally started to get to intended recipients:

October 2015. An article about delivering of aid to a Vynogradiv hospital:

October 2015. A video reportage about delivery of medical aids to a Vynogradiv hospital:

28 February 2016. For the first time in the history of the Netherlands the first Episcopal God's Ukrainian Orthodox liturgy of Kyiv Patriarchate took place in Amsterdam:

14 March 2016. A report on our humanitarian help sent to the animals in ATO zone:

3 April 2016. A report covers our international sport event organized in cooperation with a foundation 'Sport for Peace':

8 April 2016. O.Oronets on Ukrainian diplomacy and reasons why Ukraine did not win the Referendum that took place in The Netherlands:  


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