Free Sterilization of homeless animals in Ukraine

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«Free Sterilization of homeless animals in Ukraine » - is a unique project organized by the Dutch charity fund "UKRAINE TODAY".  The project was launched in Ukraine in June 2016.

Thanks to Dutch sponsors, we managed to do a sterilization for hundreds of homeless animals in Odessa. Today the project continues in the near the war-front zone – where it is especially important and necessary.

The amount of homeless animals in Ukraine currently exceeds all acceptable norms. The situation is threatening and ecologic catastrophe is possible. That is why Dutch surgeons – veterinary doctors are ready to travel to Ukraine and to sterilize homeless animals, and also to provide support to mini-shelters with first aid medicine.

First visit to Odessa of the leading veterinary surgeon, a member of Association of veterinaries of the Netherlands, Dr. S.J. Peeters is scheduled for 1 October 2016.

Two-weeks visit program includes: urgent surgeries for homeless animals, sterilization, medical support to mini-shelters, support of volunteers who help to homeless animals.

Our purpose is to involve international organizations and charity funds to resolve the problem.

Dutch and Ukrainian journalists participating in our project are ready to provide all necessary information support. One of Dutch photo-correspondents will work with us during the whole period of the visit to Odessa.

You are very welcome to join us in helping solving the problem of homeless animals in Ukraine. Any kind of support is highly appreciated and is very important!

Our contacts:
Suzanna Dostaleva
Tel. Amsterdam: 0031614441005
Tel. Odessa: 00380931657230


IBAN: NL 79 INGB 0006 5796 60



RSIN 853845815

Registered in Amsterdam, KVK 60289325