New sponsor!

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Fantastic!!! We now have a new sponsor, thanks to whom we continue to do specific tasks for saving homeless animals, and also we will be able to help those kids under patronage of legendary Raisa Shmatko.

Guys! Dear friends in the Netherlands – your trust costs a lot! Without your donations there is not much I could do… Thank you all!!!

To summarize: via discussions (we have very clear approach, very specific and sometimes even hard)), via specific calculations, drawings and expenses forecasts, we are sure that it is most important to help today to the following animals in the near-front zone:

1) 139 dogs of Natalia Timoschenko, shelter Vitolda Doberledy and to buy aviaries for their pets.

Important: Pokrovsk region (former Krasnoarmeysk). The city mayor Ruslan Trebushkin and his deputy are active and helping out.

Also Yulia Chernova, who is an official representative of our fund in the city hall of Pokrovsk and since recently also our middleperson between city officials and volunteers of the whole region.

2) ODESSA will receive funds for saving homeless animals from poisoning (of course, in such cases seconds count, but with our support it is possible to help and save lifes!).

Also funds for sterilization, vaccination and acute cases of homeless animals.

Curators: Tatiana Hitrova, Yulia Julian, Tatiana Voloshina, Sergey Guralnik, Lavrentiy Stepko.

3) Mariupol and Kyiv are on agenda for discussion...

P.S. There are lots to do, but I would like to say: I AM HAPPY! Everything works out well!


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